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The lowdown dirt on Dr. Balls's return!
The shit is out there! Referring to how Dr. Balls fucking owns again! But more specifically about how Dr. Balls is back and it is noticeable to you if you ever visited Dr. Balls's myspace in the past everloving month! I know there are a lot of rumors floating around because it's not enough for people to be jealous of Dr. Balls's enormous girlfriend-stealing penis, but they have to also be jealous of the way Dr. Balls steals their fucking girlfriends!

So this is what happened! My ex-coworker Mr. Fingers got all bent out of shape because I played a stupid little prank on him! It was funny too because I dug up his stupid dead father's rotting body, attached it to a robot, and marched the ugly corpse up to Mr. Fingers's house! You should have seen the look on his face! But of course the stupid faggot cannot find humor in anything so he got the police involved and yadda yadda 6 months in jail! It was totally unsaucalicious and I only raped a couple of inmates! And yes they were all hispanic!

The date of my eventual release and the same date I gave one of the messiest facials to someone's mom was sometime in late fucking September? And since then I've had to take it easy and at my bald bird faced looking lawyer's advice I was really supposed to make any posts on this site which I know you are fucking masturbating to simply the thought of my even thinking about possibly making a post at some unspecified time?

Now chew on that Abraham Lincoln you slave lover!

The people of this region are hostile and represent everything that is the most savage! God should kill them with his lightning bolts and shit would be much awesomer around here!

I just want to remind my staff that just because I no longer work at The Sack Institute (the world reknowned institution from which I was brutally seperated as the result of some bj I got from my boss's wife which was actually quite worth it in the end) that it doesn't mean that they cannot shy away from their obligations to me! You stupid fuckfaces had better get with the program or your wives will also feel the forbidden pleasure of being served simultanously by both Dr. Balls and some other guy he pulls off of the street!

Dr. Balls has been talking about...
Dr. Balls is back! Hide your wife!

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